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About Bhutan

Bhutan is situated between the autonomous region of Tibet ( China ) in north and India in south, in the eastern part of the Himalayas.

With population of less than one million, Bhutan is approximately the size of Switzerland.

The only last remaining Buddhist Kingdom on earth, Bhutan stayed secluded for centuries and opened up to outside world in the early 70’s.

The democratic nation of Bhutan is guided uniquely by the philosophy of Gross National happiness that focuses more on well being of its citizens in comparison to economic growth.

Bhutan is perhaps one of the only few nations that maintains its vibrant unique culture to its maximum potential.

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Travelling in Bhutan is the best opportunity for families to bond in peace and joyful setting. It also offers solitude for free independent travellers. Bhutan is one of the safest countries in south Asia.

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Bhutan offers culture tours and adventures. Mountain biking, hiking and treks.


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We are one of the leading Destination Management Companies in Bhutan. With more than decades of service in tourism, we manage to highlight the interests of travellers and relate it with what the destination has to offer the visitors in Bhutan.

Bhutan is Carbon negative and environmental friendly place. With more than 70 percent of land under forest coverage as mandated by the constitution of the nation, the culture and traditions set the Kingdom apart from rest of the world.

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“It would be easy to portray Bhutan as a kind of model country, something out of a traveller’s fantasy but it is a real country. In many ways, Bhutan is a perfectly modern place which is far ahead of its neighbours when it comes to governance, infrastructure, public services etc. Bhutan has managed, however, to retain a firm connection with its traditions and, in particular, with its religious culture. These aspects, which often appear to be in contradistinction to each other, are fully integrated in Bhutan. The famous dzongs (fortress-monasteries) are far from sterile monuments of the past; they continue to function both as religious institutions and as seats of public authorities. Visitors never “take over” a place of interest in Bhutan (as they, regrettably, do in so many other countries), they always remain as witnesses to a living culture: this makes for a fundamentally different travelling experience.

It would seem like a cliche to say that Bhutan is an unforgettable experience but it is a truly special place. I think the first thing that everybody notices and the last thing that everybody cherishes is the clear air. As soon as you get out of the aeroplane, whether you arrive from Delhi, Calcutta or Kathmandu, you notice the quality of the air: you can literally see it. Everything is as though someone has adjusted a photographic lense to bring the world around you into a clear, sharp focus. This stays with you for your entire time in Bhutan.”

Alexander Koller

“We were guided by Wangchuk on an amazing 10 day adventure to Bhutan with a group of 7 friends. Wangchuk is brilliant at describing history, culture and sights (in perfect English) as well as listening to and anticipating traveler needs. Moreover, he does it all with a light touch and good sense of humour. I honestly don’t believe we could have had a better guide. Go now!.”

Diane Grady

Traveller from Australia

“Bhutan is very beautiful place. We had very good time on our visit to Bhutan. Tashi, our guide from Journey2Shangrila, was very courteous and helpful. In Bhutan the people are very friendly and the service was excellent. Looking forward to visit again.”

Roger Smith


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