NEW TARIFF – From September 2022

Since Bhutans government started new tourism policy, starting from September, 2022, all visitors visiting Bhutan will have to pay a minimum SDF of USD $200 per day/person .  Unlike previous agreement , this new policy of USD $200 per day/person will not cover  ( 1 ) Accommodation,  ( 2 ) Transport,  ( 3 ) Guides,  ( 4 ) Meals ,  ( 5 ) Entry fees & Taxes.   Visitors to Bhutan will have to pay separately  for the above mentioned facilities.

This policy applies for trekking also. They will have to pay seperately for ponies, trekking guides, trekking cooks, ponies, tents, etc.

This new policy gives visitors the freedom to choose any state approved hotels for accommodation, types of transportation for travel, restaurants for meals, any tour or trekking guides, tour itinerary, or choose any place they want to travel within Bhutan.

They can also ask for recommendation from any travel agents for recommendation, if they so desire.