Paro Festival

Paro Tshechu ( Festival )

Paro Valley lies on the western side of Thimphu, Capital of Bhutan.

Tshechu  ( festivals ) in Paro is very interesting. The people of Paro visit the Tshechu dressed in their finest traditional dress and women’s display jewelleries around their necks.  They share their best of foods and exchange news. Its a time for socializing for village people  located far and wide, once in a year.

The mask dance and traditional dance by locals are very colorful and pass messages of religion through their acts for the benefit of all living beings.

The most important significance of the Tshechu is the display of Guru Thongdrel  ( embroidered  silk Thangkha  ) that is more than 18 sq. meters wide, which is unfurled one in a year before sunrise at dawn. It is believed at the sight of Thongdrel sins will be washed away and gains merit.

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